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Smallest Gold Coin in the World Sold Out

On Jan. 23, the Federal Mint Swissmint released a machine-minted gold coin with a diameter of 2.69mm weighing only 0.063 g. They are deeming it the smallest gold coin in the world. At the time of this writing, the coin has sold out.

small gold coin

The new coin is designed by Remo Mascherini, Flamatt and the obverse features the famous image of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue along with the year-date, 2020. The reverse shows the nominal value of "1/4" franc along with the inscription "Helvetia" and the Swiss cross. It also has the alloy mark, "AU 999.9" and the weight: 1/500 ounce.

Due to the small type of the inscriptions, the Swissmint provides a magnifying glass in each kit. Along with the magnifying glass, each kit includes a numbered certificate of authenticity. The mintage limit was 999 units.

Whether the coin will be back in stock is not currently known. If more do become available, collectors can order at