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Sharing Canada's Wildlife Treasures on Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint has recently released a 5-coin set for others to explore the wildlife around them entitled, "Canada's Wildlife Treasures." This 5-coin set includes animals such as the Peary Caribou and Kermode Bear. It features only animals specific to Canada.

Each coin is made of three-ply nickel-plated steel with a specimen finish and a serrated edge. Susanna Blunt designed the obverse that features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II while Joel Kimmel designed the reverses that feature a specific animal on each coin.

Each set is accompanied by a colorful folder that opens up like a magazine spread and includes fascinating facts about each animal on the coins. It also includes a map that shows where the animals can be found.

With a limited mintage of just 100,000, collectors should act fast if they want to dig their claws into this set or gift it to a youngster. Each set is $34.95 and available to order here.

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