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Serbia, Montenegro and Greece in Marseille


Maison Palombo Offers Nice Run of Montenegro

Montenegro has always been a favorite location for coin collectors. They produced a limited number of coins, making it a very achieveable series to complete. Often you will see runs of two, four or more Montenegro coins at auction, but this Saturdays Maison Palombo Auction offers collectors the chance to purchase seven Montenegro types, plus one rare pattern.

mont essai.jpg

All six gold type coins of classic early 20th Century Montenegro are represented in Maison Palombo's June 13th auction, plus the bust right 5 Perpera of 1914. The 1915 2 Perpera, KM-Pn6, not PN5 as described in the catalog, was struck in Paris in advance of a circulation mintage that was never produced. It bears the word ESSAI on the reverse to the right of the date.

Other gems of particular interest floating about the Maison Palombo sale include a scarce proof 5 Dinara of Serbia dated 1879, KM#12, grading Proof-63. The proof is not often found for sale, so don't miss this one.


Also striking in it's high grade and wonderful eye appeal is lot 741, an MS-62 graded FDC looking KM#1 copper 1828 Lepton of Greece. While it is the more common date of this two date type, it is unusual to see 19th Century copper coins of Greece in such an excellent state of preservation.

greece lepton.jpg