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Scholarships Available For ANA Summer Seminar 2020 Military Numismatics Class

There are scholarships available for the Military Numismatics Class being held the second week of ANA’s Summer Seminar, July 5-8, 2020. Below is a summary of the class.

"Allied Military 2 franc notes were secretly printed in the United States for the D-Day invasion of France. The notes were shipped to England and paid to the troops mere hours before the assault.

Collectors a thousand years from now will appreciate the importance of these notes. To hold one of them is to touch another time and to hold history in your hands. The number of military and emergency issues created as a result of World War II is vast and fascinating. Additionally, the issues are remarkably diverse in purpose, use, design, and production.

Because of the emergency circumstances that were common, most of the issues were paper, but coin issues were also created. Both are included in the course. Because of the vastness of the material a case study approach is used. Many different issues are covered at varying depths to represent the greater universe of issues. United States Military Payment Certificates, Allied military currency, and Japanese Invasion Money are covered in depth.

Remarkably, most of these issues pose many questions and mysteries making for fascinating studies that range from introductory discussions to cutting edge research."

Costs Covered: The award of a scholarship carries a maximum value of $1120 (USD.) Applicants must register by April third or they will pay an additional $50.

This scholarship covers tuition which includes the class, a room in Loomis Dormitory (double occupancy) for five nights (Saturday to Wednesday), all meals, and free airport shuttles picking up and returning Seminar students to the Colorado Springs Airport.

The scholarship does not cover transportation to and from Colorado Springs or airport shuttles to and from Denver. Anyone awarded a scholarship will be required to join the ANA at the individual expense if not already a member. A one-year basic membership is $28 with an online magazine.

To apply for a scholarship, submit the following information to Military Numismatists Scholarship, c/o Dan or Kathy Freeland, PO Box 195, Mayville, MI 48744, U.S.A. or

Name Address Phone Number E-mail address

Numismatic clubs in which you participate (include leadership positions held)

Significant numismatic exhibits (and awards)

Significant numismatic publications (and awards)

Explain your interest in military numismatics.

What do you hope to gain from attending this seminar?

Describe contributions you can make to the success of the class.