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Save 40% on North American Coins & Prices

Save 40% on 2012 North American Coins & Prices! BUY NOW!
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It’s few and far between that you can get 3 things for 1 price these days, unless your local grocery store is having a great deal on fruit or vegetables. But, today’s your lucky day - and is the place to be to get in on the best 3-for-1 deal in coin collecting, with 2012 North American Coins & Prices!

In this single guide you get current values, in multiple condition grades, details photographs and descriptions for coins from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S., from the 18th century to the present. That is a lot of great information, in one single source, for one low price!

Through this special Deal of the Day you can get this top-selling book for just $12.00 thru 9/7/11.

RETAIL: $19.99
ONLINE: $13.45

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2012 North American Coins & Prices



This offer is good until 11:59pm ET Sept. 7, 2011.