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Russian Coins Featured in Long Beach

Heritage Sale - Russia Highlights


The third session of the Long Beach Expo Heritage World Coin Auction setto close Friday night will feature a long run of Russian coins and medals. There are nearly 250 lots of Russian material set to be sold with several rarities and sacrce dates and types. Some of the Elizabeth coins are pretty high grades for these types.

Fam obv.jpg

Though many have been predicting a drop in values for Russian coins this year, that has yet to happen. I would say that prices have solidified some, with demand a bit slacker than it was over the last few years, but no drops yet and certainly no bottoms dropping out of this active segment of the world coin market.

fam rev.jpg

Some of the best items up for sale include: a pair of Alexander I Roubles 1804 an 1809 is MS61 and choice AU respectively, a Peter I Sun Rouble, a scarce overdated 1840 Rouble of Nicholas I with 4/3 and a really lovely cameo gem Pr-65 Novodel 1 1/2 Family Rouble of 1836. There's plenty of gold, silver, some copper and platinum coins, with lots of proof strikes and high enough grades to create interest.

From my perspective the most interesting Russian lot in the sale, however, is a Soviet Chervonetz dated 1923 and struck to proof standards. This R.S.F.S.R. gold Chervonetz grades Proof 63. Proof issues of this first date of the type are very rare and much sought after, so this coin should be surrounded by a good bit of bidding activity.

chev obv.jpg
chev rev.jpg