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Public COTY vote mirrors judges most of the time

The public voting in a parallel online World Coin News’ Coin of the Year ballot agreed with the international panel of judges in six of 10 categories when the votes were counted.

Austria’s three winners again were the top choices and the public also elevated Lithuanian coins to top spots in two categories.

The public liked Austria’s Red Deer coin in the Most Artistic category, the Tunneling bi-metallic coin and Klimt and his Women, The Expectation, in the Best Gold catagory.

2013 Lithuania Stelmuze Oak

2013 Lithuania Stelmuze Oak 2 litai

Where they also agreed with the judges was in the Best Contemporary Event category topped by a ruble marking the 90th anniversary of BPS-Sberbank, the Most Inspirational category where Canada’s Grandfather and Grandson Fishing $3 coin won and in the Best Silver Coin category where Latvia’s Richard Wagner 1 lats beat its rivals.

Where public voters differed from judges, Lithuania was the main beneficiary. In the Best Circulating Coin category, the country’s 2 litai bi-metallic coin. KM-190, showing the Stelmuze Oak pushed the judges’ U.S. Mount Rushmore quarter selection aside.

2013 Lithuania Sajudis Uprising 50 litu

2013 Lithuania 1863-1864 Uprising 50 litu

Lithuania’s 150th anniversary of the 1863-1864 uprising silver 50 litu, KM-197, pushed Ireland’s James Joyce coin aside in the Best Crown category.

The public also gave Latvia another winner, this time in the Most Innovative Coin Category, for its silver Last Lats Linear Calendar, KM-143. This eclipsed the Mongolian Wolf Laser Cutout that the international panel of judges preferred.

2013 Latvia Linear Calendar 1 lats

2013 Latvia Linear Calendar 1 lats

In the Most Historically Significant Coin category, Spain’s Balboa Discovers the Pacific Ocean 500th anniversary silver 50 euro, KM-1287, won over the judges’ choice of The Netherlands Treaty of Utrecht 5 euro.

No awards are earned through the public voting process, but it does confirm that there is broad agreement between judges and the general public as to what coins merit Coin of the Year Award honors.

Public voting is open for the overall Coin of the Year, featuring the ten category winners the judges selected. The ballot can be found here: The ballot closes 11:59 p.m. U.S. Central Time, December 6.

2013 Spain Balboa Discovers the Pacific Ocean 50 euro

2013 Spain Balboa Discovers the Pacific Ocean 50 euro

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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