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Pobjoy Mint Raises Funds For Australia with New Coin

The Pobjoy Mint is releasing a new Preserve the Planet Coin on behalf of the government of Niue.

Niue 20 Koala CuNi & Silver

The effects that the fires in Australia have had are numerous. Since July of last year, nearly 30 people have lost their lives, over 2,500 homes destroyed, and about 1.25 billion animals have perished, including over 8,000 koalas.

The coin displays hope and integrity by depicting a map of Australia alongside the national flag with a koala superimposed over the country. The inscription on the coin “Preserve Planet Earth” emphasizes the belief that climate change is the main cause of these recent events.

This special coin has been issued to help raise much-needed funds and raise awareness to help the Australian nation recover from the destruction that these fires have wrought. Fifteen percent of the total profits of all coins will be donated to the NSW Wildlife Information, rescue and education services (Wires) which is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization.

Niue 20 Koala Silver with Box and COA

The new coin comes in 2020 Sterling Silver Proof for $59.95, and Cupro nickel for $17.95. There is also a 2-ounce fine silver high-relief coin available for $129.95. All coins are available only by pre-order. At the time of this writing, the issue limit is 750 for the .925 silver, 2,020 for the copper-nickel, and 500 for the 2-ounce silver. The coin can be ordered at

The products will be delivered starting on March 2.