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Peoples Republic of China revision for Standard Catalog of World Coins and Numismaster

We have revised the catalog numbers for the Peoples Republic of China.

As users know, for the past 35 editions, the Standard Catalog of World Coins has continued to use "Y" prefexes to the catalog listings.

As many collectors know, we have been lacking listings too.

With a new reference in hand, and additional information we have been able to flush out the listings that were lacking, and have renumbered the Peoples Republic portion to "KM" prefex numbers.

Will will make available very soon, on NumisMaster, a viewable or downloadable cross-reference listing showing old "Y" and the current "KM" numbers. The cross refrence chart will be complete, showing the listings which have previously been lacking, with the number that will be assigned in the data base. 

Then, as the year progresses we will be adding the full descriptions into Numismaster, and they will be ready for the 37th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins.