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People's Bank of China Holds Design Contest

The XXIV Olympic Winter Games will take place in Beijing and Zhangjiakou Feb. 4-20, 2022. This is the first time China is hosting the Winter Olympic Games, and Beijing will become the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.


To commemorate this event, the People's Bank of China is issuing commemorative coins and bank notes for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games and is holding a worldwide contest for design submissions. The contest is open to institutions and artists alike.

There will be two circulating standard commemorative coins with 5 yuan as the face value, two commemorative bank notes with 20 yuan as the face value, and 19 gold and silver commemorative coins that are listed here. The submission deadline is May 20, 2020.

China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation will award the winners of circulating standard commemorative coins and commemorative bank notes, and China Gold Coin Incorporated will award the winners of gold and silver commemorative coins. The award for each winning design draft is RMB 10,000 (after tax).

For more information on the design guidelines, visit the official website of the People’s Bank of China.