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NGC Registry Award Winners

Each year, NGC recognizes the top collectors and collections in the NGC Registry. Ten winners were selected in each of their Best Classic Set and Best Modern Set categories along with five Best Presented Set winners, five Best New Set winners and six Custom Set winners. In addition, they named five winners in the Overall Achievement in Collecting category and three winners for Outstanding Collectors Journal. Winners in these major NGC Registry award categories receive a personalized plaque, an icon of recognition next to their NGC Registry set and a $500 NGC grading credit. More than $20,000 in prizes were awarded this year.

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Overall Achievement Winners 

There are 137 competitive sets focusing on modern world coins and medals, with a total of 1,244 pieces enrolled. Not surprisingly, the result is nearly 1.5 million Registry points.

This is a real veteran collector, having participated almost as long as the NGC Registry has been in existence. Some 85 sets have been created that span all issues of modern USA coins, including regular issues, commemoratives and bullion pieces. That’s nearly 1,500 coins so far, with a grand sum of nearly 1.7 million points.

Whidbey Island Collection
Another long-term member of the NGC Registry, this collector has amassed nearly 1.85 million points. These are distributed over 97 competitive sets comprising 1,123 competitive coins. The theme here is vintage USA coins, with date/mint sets, type sets and year sets.

A recurring theme this year is that our winners are mostly long-term members of the NGC Registry. Since 2006 this collector has assembled an amazing 627 competitive sets over a broad range of both modern and vintage world coins, with the United Kingdom and Commonwealth predominating. The result is 5,291 competitive entries totaling nearly a million points.

In just a few short years of membership, this collector has created an impressive 423 competitive sets featuring more than 3,000 coins. The only discernible theme seems to be “everything,” with sets ranging from modern Australian issues to vintage USA coins.

Best Classic Sets

Maundy Madness — nerbee
On each Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom presents small leather pouches holding silver coins to worthy subjects, the number of coins growing annually with the monarch’s age. The coins are represented by four denominations: penny, 2-pence, 3-pence and 4-pence. This collection is complete for the entire reign of Queen Victoria (1838-1901). Approximately 70 percent of them are illustrated, and the grades are high throughout.

$5 Liberty Half Eagle 1839-1908 One per Date AU-BU — Tim Stl
Christian Gobrecht’s Coronet Liberty Half Eagle is among the longest-running series of United States coins. This collection features an example of every date for the 70 years this series was in production, and each piece is illustrated. Among the scarcer issues are 1842-O (NGC AU 55), 1855-O and 1860-S (all NGC AU 58), 1862 (NGC MS 60), 1863 (NGC AU 53) and 1862 (NGC AU 55).

Duke Collection of Proof Morgan Dollars — FloridaFacelifter
Owning just a single Gem Proof Morgan Dollar is an enviable achievement, but this collector has acquired each and every issue produced by the US Mint for public sale, as well as the rare 1921 Proofs that were not publicly distributed. All three reverse subtypes of the 1878 Morgan Dollar are presented, including the extremely rare Reverse of 1879 (NGC PF-64+ Cameo). Another highlight is the Proof-only 1895 (PF 68 Ultra Cameo). The very rare Chapman and Zerbe 1921 Proof dollars grade NGC PF-67 and PF-66+, respectively.

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Piastre Coinage 1879-1949 Complete Circulation Issues — Kyriacos G. Nicolaides
This collection features the circulating coins of Cyprus for the period, lacking just a single issue to be complete. Ranging from the bronze 1/4 piastre through the crown-size silver 45 piastres, all of the coins are in high grades for their respective issues. A few of the highlights are 1896 1/2 piastre (NGC MS-63 RB), 1900 1/2 piastre (NGC MS-64 RB), 1882H piastre (NGC MS-65 RB), 1884 piastre (NGC MS-62 RB), 1913 9 piastres (NGC MS-63) and 1913 18 piastres (NGC MS-62). Nearly all of the coins are illustrated, and they make for a very attractive presentation.

The Hyde Park Collection – Complete Australian Sovereign Set 1855-1931 — Zebo
The goal of this collection is clearly stated in its title, and it will include 192 coins when finished. A few 20th Century entries are still lacking, but the coins already in place are in high grades for their respective issues. Each specimen is accompanied by good illustrations and numismatic data. The owner’s introductory text describes the various monarchs represented and also includes profiles of the mints which coined sovereigns for Australia.

The Cherry Tree Collection Complete Washington Quarter Set — erwindoc
The goal of this collection is to obtain every issue in both MS and PF editions from 1932 through 1998. The owner is well along in that quest, though there remains plenty of room for growth. The grades of the coins already secured are quite high, and the photos reveal very pleasing examples. There are many examples of condition rarities. Among these are 1932 (NGC MS-67), 1932-D (NGC MS-65), 1934-D and 1936-D (both NGC MS-67), 1949-D (NGC MS-67), 1952-S (NGC MS-67+), 1955-D (NGC MS-67) and 1962-D (NGC MS-67).

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Jack’s Mexican 8 Reales Columnarios of Charles III — jgenn
The owner of this collection went from collecting Mexico City Mint eight reales pieces by type to getting hooked on a complete run of the Charles III Columnarios (pillar dollars) from 1760-71. A nice introductory essay about the coins and the mint officers is included. Of the 35 slots in this set, all but eight have been filled with very nice specimens. Some of the entries include 1761Mo MM (NGC MS-62), 1763/2Mo MM (NGC XF-40) and 1770/60Mo FM (NGC AU-50).

03E 1/2 Rupee (1862-1947) Year/Mint — Amit Srivastava
NGC has witnessed a rapidly growing interest in Indian coins, and this set is a reflection of that trend. A nearly complete run of British Indian half rupee pieces from 1862 through 1947, just a very few coins are lacking. This collection is almost entirely in Mint State grades, with many gems included. Entries include 1875(B) (NGC MS-63), 1877(C) (NGC-MS 65), 1887C (NGC MS-65), 1906B (NGC AU-58) and 1907B (NGC MS-63). The real showstopper is this collector’s rare 1911(C) certified as MS-64. The addition of photos would be beneficial, but this set is still a remarkable achievement.

Hornets Nest Collection – Charlotte Mint Gold — Hornets Nest
The owner’s goal of having a complete collection of coins struck at the Charlotte, North Carolina Mint has been achieved, and it’s an impressive run. Included is every gold dollar, quarter eagle and half eagle from 1838 through the mint’s closure in 1861. Among these are pieces from the famous Eliasberg, Elrod, Pittman and Bass Collections. Some gold dollars are 1851-C (NGC MS-66) and 1852-C (NGC MS-65). Top scoring quarter eagles include 1838-C (NGC MS-62+), 1842-C (NGC MS-62) and 1846-C (NGC MS-64). Standout half eagles are 1839-C and 1842-C Small Date (both NGC MS-63).

Jerry’s 20th Century Type Set — tsevni2
This collection is complete for each type of United States regular-issue coin produced during the 20th Century. All of the coins are illustrated, and each entry includes the owner’s commentary as to its quality. Some types are represented by special editions, such as the 1997-P Specimen Nickel and the 1996-W Dime. One condition rarity is the 1956 Proof Cent (NGC PF-69 RD). Other highlights include the 1916 Barber Dime (NGC MS-67), the 1917 Type 1 Quarter (NGC MS-67 FH), the 1956 Franklin Half (NGC PF-69Cameo), the 1904 Coronet Quarter Eagle (NGC MS-67) and the 1923-D Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (NGC MS-66).

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Best Modern Sets

NGC Complete MS and Proof Set and Varieties — PVZ
This collection comprises a complete run of Silver American Eagle coins from 1986 to date. Every one of the coins grade MS or PF-70, and all the variant finishes and set options are included. Presently, just four pieces are lacking—the extreme condition rarity 2012-W Limited Edition and the three 2019-S Enhanced Finish coins, which were not yet available at the awards deadline. Among the most memorable pieces included are the MS strikes of 1990, 1993, 1996 and 1999, all quite rare grading 70, and the highly prized 1995-W (PF-70 Ultra Cameo).

S1R – Circulation Issue — HUMAN COLLECTION
The series of silver one rand coins issued by South Africa since 1965 remains a favorite with collectors, and these coins are presented in their entirety with this collection (the only piece lacking is the non-competitive entry for 1988). The grades are consistently high for each respective issue, and all of the coins are illustrated with nice photos. Highlight pieces include 1965 Afrikaans (NGC MS-64) and 2001 Tourism, 2002 Soccer, 2002 World Summit and 2003 Cricket (all certified as NGC MS-68). The top scorer is a similarly graded example of the 2005 Albert Luthuli issue.

Rick’s Business Clad FT’s — Six Mile Rick
America’s clad coinage does not always get the respect it deserves, but this collection addresses that issue. The owner’s goal is a complete run of Mint State Roosevelt Dimes from 1965 to date, with an emphasis on Full Torch (FT) examples. This assemblage is well along, though some of the rarer entries are still lacking. Some of the more outstanding entries are 1981-D (NGC MS-68 FT), 1982-D (NGC MS-67 FT), 1985-D (NGC MS-68 FT), 1987-D (NGC MS-67 FT), 1989-P and 1989-D (both NGC MS-68 FT).

Wiler Gold Rand Cultural Series 1997-Date — adrian123456
As noted in the title, the series of gold one rand coins began in 1997 to honor aspects of South Africa’s culture and history. The collection presented here is absolutely complete through the end of the series 20 years later. All of the coins are Proofs, with nearly all grading NGC PF-70 Ultra Cameo. Each coin is nicely illustrated, and the owner provides their mintage figures for reference. Standout entries are 1998 The San Nation, 2000 Old Coat of Arms, 2001 The Sotho Nation and 2007 The Afrikaner People.

This collection presents a mostly complete run of MS and PF Kennedy Half Dollars, including the many varieties recognized by NGC. Great emphasis has been placed on the condition of the coins, with high grades being the norm. Highlights include 1964 Accented Hair (NGC PF-69 Cameo), 1965 SMS, 1966 and 1967 SMS (all NGC MS-68 Ultra Cameo), 1970-D (NGC MS-67), 1973-S (PF-70 Ultra Cameo), 1982-P No FG (NGC MS-67), 1987-P and 2010-D (both NGC MS-68) and 2014-W Gold High Relief (NGC PF-70 Ultra Cameo).

American Eagles, 1986-Date, Complete — Roberto Zen
This collection is nearly complete for all issues in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium, both MS and PF strikes. As of 2019, this includes more than 500 coins. Entries include: 1987 G$25, 1990 G$10, 1991 G$25 and 1994 G$50 (all NGC MS-70), 1995-W S$1 (NGC PF-70 Ultra Cameo), 1998 G$25 and 1999 S$1 (both NGC MS-70).

Birdy’s Britannia G100PND Proof — BIRDSFLY
The United Kingdom’s series of gold 100-pound Britannia coins has been issued annually since 1987, and this collection is complete. Each coin is certified in a very high grade, and all are accompanied by their mintage figures. The Registry scores fall into a fairly narrow range, but some of the highlights are 1989, 2002, 2003 and 2016 (all NGC PF-70 Ultra Cameo).

jetdow “My King GPF Set A” — jetdow
This collection features the gold coinage of modern Thailand and includes a Gem Proof striking of each issue. The coins are arranged by denomination and date in ascending order from 100 baht through 16,000 baht. Though not yet complete, this set is quite well along. All are illustrated. Some coins include 2000 G250B, 1987 G2500B, 2000 G2500B and 1982 G6000B Queen Sirkits’s Birthday (all NGC PF-70 Ultra Cameo).

Russ 736 1984-Date Panda Medals Complete — Russ 736
Collectors are well acquainted with China’s popular series of Panda coins, but this collection is focused on the many medallic issues in a wide variety of metals. Though still a work in progress, this collection is nevertheless immense, as the complete series comprises nearly 350 entries 1984-2017. Top pieces include 1986 Silver 12oz Hong Kong Expo, 1987 Platinum 1oz New York Expo, 1988 Gold 1oz Basel, 1988 Palladium 1oz New York Expo and 2018S Silver 12oz Santa Clara Expo (all NGC PF-69 Ultra Cameo).

NGC 5oz Complete Set — fpott
The America the Beautiful series of quarter dollars has been accompanied by a matching series of silver, five-ounce coins in both Mint State and specimen editions. This set is absolutely complete for each entry other than the ones not released before the competition cut-off, and the quality of these coins is outstanding. Top pieces include 2012-P Volcanoes, 2012-P Denali, 2013-P White Mountain and 2013-P Peace Memorial (all certified NGC SP 70). All of the MS coins are certified as NGC MS-69 DPL (Deep Prooflike).

Best Presented Sets

Complete Set Walking Liberty 50c and American Eagles - Photos and Interesting Facts – Master of Coinage
As its title reveals, this set includes all of the Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1916-47 and all of the Mint State Silver American Eagles 1986-2018. The first series is comprised of solid collector-grade coins of attractive appearance, with the SAEs being in the higher grades expected of modern pieces. Each of the coins is nicely illustrated, and the owner’s commentary is quite useful.

DB’s 20th Century Liberty Quarter Eagles – JB’s Gold Country
The “short set” of Coronet Liberty Quarter Eagles includes all of the coins from 1900 through the end of the series in 1907. These dates are collectible in higher grades, and this set presents gem examples of each entry. The owner has provided photos, and the commentary accompanying each coin reveals a true appreciation of their unique aspects. One specimen is 1902 certified as NGC MS-68.

BDE 20th Century Proofs, No Gold – BlakeEik
This is a type set of all the 20th Century United States coins that were struck in Proof editions, excluding the gold issues. These comprise a surprisingly rich collection, and the owner has completed it save for a single coin. The quality of entries is consistently high, and each specimen is illustrated with the owner’s own photos and accompanied by brief commentary.

Piefort’s Colon Set – Piefort
This set offers a complete run of denominations and dates for the Christobal Colon series of gold coins struck by or for Costa Rica from 1897 to 1928. While initially there were four denominations, only the two colon pieces were struck starting 1915. Each coin is presented with photos and commentary. Be sure to read the owner’s informative introductory essay.

Metcalf’s Sterling Legacy – T S Chase
Celebrating the United Kingdom’s series of one-pound coins struck since 1983, this set features Proofs of both the regular and piedfort editions. Dedicated to the owner’s maternal family heritage, it is still a work in progress. Each coin is nicely illustrated and accompanied by brief but interesting commentary. Standout entries include 1990 Welsh Leek, 2001 North Ireland, 2006 Egyptian Arch Bridge, 2008 Royal Shield and 2009 Royal Shield (all certified as PF-69 Ultra Cameo).

Best New Sets

Complete 1 oz. G$50 Proof Gold Eagle Set, Mike Castle Signed Labels – PVZ
The Honorable Mike Castle (R-Delaware, retired) is known as the “Coinage Congressman” for introducing several successful coin bills, and this set presents a complete collection of Proof $50 gold American Eagles 1986-2019 certified by NGC with his signature. Every coin in this set is a PF-70 Ultra Cameo, aside from the 2006-W 20th Anniversary Reverse Proof, which is graded PF-70. The coins are all accompanied by photos. Top scoring entries include 1991-W, 1992-W, 1993-W, 1998-W, 1999-W and 2006-W Reverse Proof.

George V 1 Anna’s – symsym
This collection brings together all of the Indian one anna pieces coined by the Bombay and Calcutta Mints during the reign of Britain’s King George V. It is presently lacking just two entries to be complete, and all but one of these coins is Mint State. Each specimen is accompanied by photographs. Among the highlights are 1914(B) and 1923(B), both grading NGC MS-65, and 1917(B), 1924(B), 1924(C), 1925(C) and 1927(C), all certified as NGC MS-64.

Bondens 20or – Bonden
Comprising a nearly complete run of Sweden’s gold 20 kronor coinage of 1873-1925, lacking just two entries, this collection is an impressive achievement. All of the coins are certified as Mint State, and each specimen is illustrated. Some of the more important specimens include 1876 ST (NGC MS-64), 1884 EB, 1890 EB and 1895 EB (all graded NGC-MS 66) and the scarce 1925-W (also NGC MS-66).

Toneddollars GSA Carson City Hard Pack Set, 1878-1893, Complete – toneddollars
This collector’s goal is to acquire all of the Carson City Morgan Dollars that were sold by the GSA in the distinctive, rigid plastic holders. With the several NGC-recognized varieties, this amounts to a total of 24 entries. Highlights of this collection include 1879 CC (NGC MS-65+), 1879 CC VAM-3 (NGC MS-65), 1880 CC VAM-7 Rev of 78 (NGC MS-66+), 1880/79 CC VAM-4 (NGC MS-66), 1881 CC (NGC MS-65+ DPL) and 1882 CC VAM-2 (NGC MS-67).

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Mikey Siegel’s Kennedy collection, 1964-date, COMPLETE SET – Mikey Siegel’s impeccable collection
As the title suggests, this is a collection of Kennedy Half Dollars that is complete for all MS, SMS, PF and SP editions. Nearly all of the coins are in the highest grades one can expect for their particular issues. Some pieces include 1964 Accented Hair (NGC PF-69 Cameo), 1965 SMS (NGC MS-67 Ultra Cameo), 1966 (NGC MS-67), 1967 SMS (NGC MS-68 Ultra Cameo), 1969-D (NGC MS-67) and 1971-S (NGC PF-69 Ultra Cameo).

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To view more registry winners and to learn about the NGC registry sets, visit the NGC website.