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New Holders House So-Called Dollars

Jeff Shevlin, a nationally recognized expert on So-Called Dollars, has available four different types of Lucite holders to store and display So-Called Dollars, which are historical U.S. medals that commemorate events in the United States history.

“It is exciting to introduce a new product that will allow collectors to showcase and display their collections,” said Shevlin. “There are four different holders related to my latest award-winning book, So-Called Dollars from the Pacific Coast Expositions. These holders will store the official U.S. Mint medals struck at the eight expositions that were held on the West Coast.”

The four Lucite holders now available are:

• “Pacific Coast Set” holder in the shape of the West Coast. It has one hole for the official medal from each exposition. Large 10-by-12 inch format with eight holes. $49

• “Complete Set” holder has 27 holes for the different compositions of the official medals: silver, gold-plated, etc. Large 10-by-12 inch format with 27 holes. $49

Lucite Holders 6-11

• “Type Set” holder has one hole for the official medal from each exposition. 6-by-8 inch format with seven or eight holes. $29

• “Three Hole Set” holder is a 6-by-3 inch format with three holes. $19

• Custom holders can be ordered in any size to store and display any collection, according to Shevlin. There is a minimum order of five for any custom holder. Prices vary.

For an additional $5, any holder can be customized with your name added to the holder, such as “JEFF SHEVLIN COLLECTION.” Shipping is $5.

To order, contact Shevlin by email at, by phone at (916) 955-2569 or online at