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New Collecting World Coins hits market

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From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, the new edition of Collecting World Coins, 1901-Present, provides the most comprehensive country-by-country, fully illustrated catalog on the market for 20th and 21st century coins used in everyday commerce.

The latest release of the popular Collecting World Coins catalogs is now available.

The latest release of the popular Collecting World Coins catalogs is now available.

Featuring complete coin descriptions and nearly 20,000 actual-size illustrations to assist in coin identification, the new edition is a perfect reference for beginner to expert collectors alike, as well as coin traders and dealers interested in circulating coins found around the world.

Each coin listing includes dates, mintmarks, mintages, metal content (with weight and diameter in many cases) of issue, and current value.

Collecting World Coins is designed to offer a focused approach to world coin collecting. No commemoratives, sets or special issues are included in the catalog. The scope of this volume embraces issues since 1901 circulated by nations around the globe. What you will not find listed are coin issues expressly created for non-monetary purposes including limited issue commemoratives coins. You will, however, find some gold issues, as prior to World War II many were produced to serve circulating monetary needs.

The goal of this volume, then, is to provide users with accurate, reliable and instructive information on 20th and 21st century monetary issue coins – coins of great historical value reflected by the people, events and symbols emblazoned on them.

The 1,152-page book was edited by George Cuhaj and Tom Michael. It retails for $47.99. Go to the book's store page here at or bookstores nationwide to get a copy.

This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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