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Mongolian ram coin a beauty

Around here we call it the ram coin, and that certainly does not do it justice.


The 2013 Argali-Ovis Ammon 500 togrog silver coin issued by the Bank of Mongolia is a beautiful coin. It just takes a mouthful to describe it. Hence, our nickname.

A part of the Mongolian Endangered Wildlife Series, the coin was released earlier this year. It follows the popular wolverine, owl and hedgehog coins of the series, all featuring .999 silver and Swarovski crystal eyes.

As compelling as they are, it's easy to see why they've won Coin of the Year awards. The owl was named Most Popular Coin and the wolverine (properly named gulo gulo) was named the Coin of the Year in 2009.

Secondary market prices on eBay are impressive, but frankly these coins are two beautiful to sell. Some of us here at Krause Publications had talked about buying the wolverine when it first appeared, only to find them sold out before we could act. That's not going to happen this time.

And we aren't wrong in calling the animal a ram. The argali sheep are the largest species of wild sheep, even larger than the North American bighorn. At about 1-1/2 inches in diameter, the hefty size of the coin provides proper display for the regal ram.

For me, this is a coin to enjoy, displayed on a side table amid other family treasures.

Product Specifications
Year: 2013
Composition: .999 silver
Denomination: 500 togrog
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Price: $400

Check it out at ShopNumisMaster.