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Modern World Gold Coins, 1801-present released!

Yes, a new title from the numismatic book division at Krause Publications.

Modern World Gold Coins, 1801-present, includes the most actively traded area in the World Gold Coin market, "modern" coins! The earier to find issues of sovereigns, francs, marks and roubles are included, as are the mid-20th century Franklin Mint commemoratives, and late 20th century bullion issues.

Gold, platinumn and palladium are all included. Soft cover, $65.00, 772 pages, with prices updated based on gold market value of $650-670 per ounce! So nearly every price has been reviewed or updated since the 5th edition of the Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins.

The product features sharper illustrations and expanded descriptions. The softcover book makes it a lighter-weight and easy-use item for travel.