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Mint strikes fewer coins in October

Output of the circulating coin denominations, cent through quarter, fell across the board in the month of October from the levels of one month before.

The only increase came in the Presidential dollar coin column for the Denver Mint, which struck 420,000 coins compared to zero the month before.

Cent production dropped the least. It backtracked by 8.4 percent. The decline was almost entirely due to Denver throttling back from 462.8 million cents in September to just 390 million in October.

Nickel output fell a harder 13.8 percent. Philadelphia coined 77.52 million in September but 63.36 million in October. Denver numbers were 77.28 and 70.08 million, respectively.

Dime totals plummeted by 41 percent. Philadelphia went from 155 million in September to 101.5 million in October. Denver sagged from 168.5 million to 90 million pieces.

For quarters, the decline was 23.7 percent.


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