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Mini Money – Kookaburra


The Royal Australian Mint’s Mini Money gold coin series features a selection of Australia’s iconic native animals. The Kookaburra, one of Australia’s most recognizable and distinctive birds, is presented on the second coin in the series.

Kookaburras can be found throughout eastern Australia, from Queensland to South Australia, and have been widely introduced into Tasmania, Western Australia and even New Zealand.

The Kookaburra is a large kingfisher bird, but unlike other kingfishers, the kookaburra rarely eats fish. With an estimated population of 65 million, kookaburra’s can be typically found in eucalyptus forest and woodlands throughout Australia and well as urban parks, gardens, and backyards.


Often referred to as the ‘laughing kookaburra’ for its distinctive vocal pattern, the kookaburra call is not as friendly as it may appear. Their calls are actually warning other birds to keep away. Researchers have found that family units will laugh in a similar manner and vocalize together to amplify their claim to their territory.

The $5 coin has a limited mintage of only 5,000 coins. With an 11.15mm diameter and only weighing at .5grams, the little kookaburra is the perfect addition to the mini money series.