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Meteorite Crashes Into Coins


Coin Invest Trust (CIT) on behalf of Cook Islands, has created a beautiful realistic depiction of a meteorite impact on a coin. This is the latest edition in an ongoing series “Meteorite Impacts”, but even with many before it, this coin is unique, and none of the 2,500 minted coins of this newest addition will truly be exactly the same.

The reverse design depicts the cracked earth of the dry savannah where a meteorite hit earth in 2018. The meteorite, and this coin, were named Aba Panu after the Nigerian village where 160 kilograms worth of space rock fragments landed. Large meteorites land on Earth only about once a year, making this a phenomenon worth capturing on a coin. What truly makes this coin special is the fragment of a meteorite is embedded into each coin.

The 1oz silver coin has a face value of $5 and the effigy of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse. These coins sell fast, so there is no time to waste in getting yours.