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Media Forum - Spanish Coins for 2009

Royal Spanish Mint - 2009 Coins


The Royal Spanish Minthad a great 2008 with a stunning design for the European Football Championships gold and silver proof issues, a continuing series of gold and silver proofs for Great Spanish Painters and some very interesting coins in silver and gold honoring Ancient coinage.

In 2009 Jose Miguel Fernandez de Liencres, General Mangaer of the Sales Department, told the Media Forum to expect both gold and silver proof Phillip II coins from the Europa series in 200 and 10 Euro denominations. At the Mints website theses two coins are equated in the following way; the 10 Euro is considered an 8 Reales, while the 200 Euro is designated a 4 Escudos. The coins are denominated in Euros, but listed in this traditional Spanish way and I like that approach, especially since the Europa Numismatic efforts and particularly this Spainsh European Heritage series in it's sixth year of issues, is designed in honor of the past. 

Spain 200 Euro.jpg

Spain will commemorate the 2010 FIFA World CupSoccer tournement in South Africa with a silver 10 Euro and a gold 100 Euroin 2009. This will be the first time the FIFA competition will be held on the African continentin it's 19 years of existance and the fifth time the Royal Spanish Mint will be producing

Spain 10 Euro.jpg

 coins for the event.

Later this yeara very modern design for the 10th Anniversary of the Euro coinage system in a 12 Euro denomination will be produced, plus more coins in the Numismatic Treasures and Spanish Painters series. The second series Spanish Painters coin will commemorate Salvador Daliand the Numismatic Treasures second series will continue honoring past Spanish coin design heritage.