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Media Forum - Italian coins for 2009

Italian Mint - 2009 Coins


Dr. Amalia Travaglini, General and Foreign Services Manager for the Italian Mint began her portion of the program with a set of coins honoring the 100th Anniversary of Nobel Prizewinner Guglielmo Marconi. They will be proofs struck in silver 10 Euro and gold 20 Euro. Also well known to the numismatic audience will be a bimetallic 2 Euro coin celebrating the advances of Louis Braille and a 50 Euro for the developingBarcelonaLa Sagrada FamiliaCathedral which has remained under construction for more years than almost any structure in the world.


The 2009 FINA World Championshipswill have a 10 Euro coin for the Aquatic champions and the Italian Mint will also be striking the silver and gold medals for FINA winners in swimming, diving, water polo and all other water sports.

Also on schedule for 2009 release will be coins for the International year of Astronomy, 100th Anniversary of the founding of Futurism, 300th Anniversary of the discovery of Herculaneum, 400th Anniversary of the death of Annibale Carracci and the world famous Tour of Italy bicycle raceset for May to June of this year.