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June Coin Production Rebounds

May was a low month for coin production at the U.S. Mints, experiencing the lowest output in nearly five and a half years.However it appears as though June has picked up and is more in line with the usual production at the Mints.The total production for June was more than double that of May.

Last month, we noted a significant drop in overall production at the Denver Mint, with only 170,360,000 total coins produced.The biggest decline was cents.For June, cents rebounded and production levels increased threefold from the previous month at that facility.

In fact, all denominations increased at all facilities in relation to the output from May.Looking at the sales totals, each at least doubled the total production from the prior month.Cents were up 93%, nickels up 134%, dimes up 180% and quarters up 99%.

By facility, Philadelphia increased production this month by 63% overall, while Denver increased by a whopping 198%.

The total struck for the month was 1.02 billion, compared to 485 million in May, 1.25 billion in April and 1.05 billion in March.