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Jimenez earns COTY Lifetime Achievement Award

Comité exécutif de la Monnaie de Paris, février 2017. © Arnaud Robin / Photographe + 33 (0) 6 76 23 38 34

Joaquin Jimenez

On Feb. 2, 2019, at the Thirty-Sixth Annual Coin of the Year Awards Ceremony in Berlin, Germany, Joaquin Jimenez had the honor of winning the 2019 Lifetime Achievement in Coin Design Award.

Jimenez began his career working for several private medal editors. He then collaborated with Monnaie de Paris and other monetary institutes (Netherlands, Scandinavia, Baltic countries) as an independent artist.

In 1997, he won the design competition for the obverse of the French circulation coins of 1 and 2 euro, his most famous achievement.

The creation of the collection of the “Kinetic Sower” made for the reintroduction of Face Value Euros in 2008 and led to a closer and closer collaboration with the teams of Monnaie de Paris.

Since 2013, Jimenez has been Director of Engraving Creation and Artistic Director of the Foundry at Monnaie de Paris.

He has made many collaborations with Artistic Directions of French houses in the world of luxury, such as the fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier. He is also famous for drawings such as the Rooster and Marianne, French symbols “par excellence.”

He is also much involved in the artistic work done with contemporary artists exhibiting at Monnaie de Paris.

In 2018, he was presented the Arts & Letters Officer medal.

Among his most beautiful achievements are:

• 1986: 10 francs, Rooster and Marianne
• 1989: 5 francs, Eiffel Tower, Winner of COTY 1991
• 1992: Albertville Olympics
• 1998: FIFA World Cup
• 2000: The XXth Century
• 2008-2010: The Kinetic Sower
• 2010-2012: Euros of the Regions
• 2011-2013: Hercules
• 2014-2015: The Rooster
• 2016-2019: Marianne
• 2017: France by Jean Paul Gaultier in artistic collaboration

 Some of Jimenez's outstanding coin designs from previous years.

Some of Jimenez's outstanding coin designs from previous years.

His is a monumental story of success through hard work, enthusiasm, and artistic vision. In his acceptance speech, translated by colleague Julien Sabouret, Jimenez said, “I am often asked what is my favorite coin design. After a moment of thought, my answer is always ‘The next one.’”

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