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Huge Selection of Japanese Gold in Heritage Sale

Meiji Gold at Long Beach Hertiage Auction

meiji 10 obv.jpg

Simply said, the Friday session of this weeks Heritage World Coin Auction at the Long Beach Expo will offer nearly 300 pieces of Meiji era Japanese gold coins. These are quality Japanese trade coins spanning a good amount of time from about 1871 to 1912 or so. Most all dates of the Yen, 5 Yen and 10 Yen types are represented, with multiple examples of most.

meiji 5 obv.jpg

While these coins are considered to be fairly common gold type issues, with interest in holding physical gold so high at the moment, this is a fine opportunity to grab some nice historical gold coins, with a collectible buffer for any possible downside risk. Check them out at the Heritage website under lot 21623 through lot 21911. Note that while the Heritage auction catalogs do not show images of all lots, their excellent website ususally does!

meiji 5 rev.jpg