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High Expectations for Future Auctions

Stephen Album Rare Coins (SARC) will hold its Internet Auction 14 at its offices in Santa Rosa, Calif. across two days from March 7 to 8, 2022. Internet pre-bidding has begun and can be accessed through their website. The Auction is made up of an even 2,000 lots of coins from all categories. (Ancient, Islamic, India, China, World Coins A to Z). There are high expectations for the sale coming on the heels of the firm’s premier Auction 42 which broke many sales records and saw a sell-through rate of over 98 percent.

There are many affordable coins in the sale, and a few notable sections include:

· Over 1,000 World Coin lots, including 400+ choice coins from The Joe Sedillot Collection

· Over 290 Islamic lots, including many from Chingiz Khan and his successors

· Over 240 Indian lots, including 100+ Ancient Indian lots

· Over 230 Chinese lots, including 100+ Chinese chopmark lots

· Over 100 Ancient lots, including many choice Roman coins

Estimates range from $30 to $800. Sample lots from the sale follow:


ROMAN EMPIRE: Hadrian, 117-138 AD, AR denarius (3.19g), Rome, 118 AD, RIC-114, laureate bust right, IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG // Fortuna seated left, holding rudder and cornucopia, P M TR P C OS II, FORT RED in exergue, bold VF

$160 to $180 USD Estimate


GOLDEN HORDE: Toda Mangu, 1280-1287, AR dirham (1.67g), Qrim, AH683, A-2021.1, tamgha in central circle, a superb mint state example! NGC graded MS65

$300 to $400 USD Estimate


KUTCH: Pragmalji II, 1860-1875, AV 25 kori, Bhuj, 1863/VS1920, Y-17, citing Queen Victoria, a lustrous mint state example! NGC graded MS61

$350 to $450 USD Estimate


BOLIVIA: Carlos III, 1759-1788, AR 8 reales, 1768, KM-50, assayer JR, small cut with a few other obverse marks, variety with 6-petalled rosette below shield, EF, ex Joe Sedillot Collection

$150 to $200 USD Estimate


PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND: AE ½ penny token, 1857, Charlton-PE-7C1, Breton-919, Self Government and Free Trade type, large clover - large AND variety, medallic die axis strike, PCGS graded MS63 BN

$200 to $300 USD Estimate

The firm is now taking consignments for future internet and premier sales.

More information can be found on their website at