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Hallenbeck declares

Tom Hallenbeck has thrown his hat in the ring for vice president of the American Numismatic Association.

We are a long way from the March 31 filing deadline, but so far, he is the only candidate to declare. If he remains so, he will bring much needed experience to the board of governors.

I have written in prior blogs that it is possible for a majority of the board to be newcomers when it meets next summer in Los Angeles to begin a two-year term of office.

Hallenbeck has served on the board for four years previously, 1997-2001, and would not be a newcomer to ANA responsibilities.

His decision, plus the decision of four incumbent governors to run for re-election, makes it increasingly likely that a majority of the board will have experience.

Of course, the ANA voters will have the final say. They could choose candidates other than incumbents when they get their ballots in the mail around June 1 of next year. We’ll see.

In the meantime, it is a good idea to point out that Hallenbeck runs a coin business in Colorado Springs, Colo., the ANA headquarters city, so he is both handy and familiar with the organization’s operation.

Add in his spirit of volunteerism exemplified by his regular teaching at Summer Seminars and he sets a good example for all ANA members.