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Fligel launches bullion, rare coins firm

 Robert Fligel

Robert Fligel

Robert Fligel, prominent New York City and former Big 4 Certified Public Accountant and CPA firm advisor, has opened a rare coins and precious metals consulting company, RF Precious Metals, LLC, to assist collectors, investors, financial planners, and asset and estate managers with buying and selling of rare coins and bullion coins.

Based in Greenwich, Conn., the company is a Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC) Authorized Dealer and offers advice on IRA and other strategies in the acquisition and disposition of bullion and coins, as well as assistance with insurance and storage.

“I’ve always believed it is prudent to have a small percentage, maybe 5 to 10% of investable assets, in alternative assets, such as precious metals and coins,” Fligel emphasized.

A veteran collector as well as successful entrepreneur, Fligel explained he started RF Precious Metals because “worrisome national and international economic developments have led me to turn a serious personal interest into an additional advisory business. Economic red lights have been flashing for me for months, even moreso than during the recession of 2008. Long term, I am an optimist, but the upcoming years will be turbulent.”

Fligel explained that his approach to coins and precious metals is the same as his approach to his business interests.

“It is always conservative, low key and grounded in verifiable data,” he said. “I have been active in these endeavors for over 20 years and have been fortunate to work with some of the industry’s most respected leaders and competitive suppliers.”

For the past 15 years, he has been a big fan of U.S. double eagle gold coins for their numismatic and bullion characteristics, high-grade early gold, Trade dollars, and special coins – generally certified MS65 or better and in older holders, usually with CAC stickers.

Fligel is a member of the American Numismatic Association and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. RF Precious Metals is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

For additional information, contact Fligel at RF Precious Metals by phone at 203-989-9203 or send email to

The firm’s website can be found online at

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