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Fairytales and Fables on Coins

There have been some very unique coins from NumisCollect and Cook Islands recently and this coin is no different.

Cook Islands have created a new series, The Fairy Tales and Fables series. The first issue in the new series features the story of Little Red Riding Hood. On the reverse, Little Red Riding Hood is depicted in her iconic red hood, the only color on the coin. The wolf lurks nearby in the background, waiting. This .999 silver coin was made using Smartminting® technology with an antique finish and selective coloring.


The obverse is unique too. While it still features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, it has various fairytale silhouettes around her, varying from mermaids and fairies to dragons and witches. There is one fairy on top sprinkling fairy dust upon the obverse.

With uniqueness comes limited availability as this coin only has a mintage of 333 and starts selling in December. You can order yours here.