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European Gold at Caballero de las Yndias Part II


Caballero de las Yndias

June 3, 2009 – Part II – Europa

The second installment of the massive Caballero de las Yndias collection of Spanish related gold coinage is set to be sold by the auction firm of Aureo & Calico on June 3, 2009 at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona. This section of the collection offers a wide selection of European gold from the Holy Roman Empire, Italian States, Netherlands, Portugal and early Spain. In addition there are important offerings of coins from Besancon, the Papal States and England. The Besancon is the largest grouping of these gold types I have seen at auction in a long time, if ever.

spain neth 4.jpg

The Italian section includes gold strikes from Sardinia, Milan, Naples, Parma, Piacenza and Gustalla, Sicily and Tuscany. One of two known 1579 Milan Triple Doppias will be offered in this sale. The debate over this high lovely high grade coin continues as to its status as a Triple Doppia strike, or a pattern gold strike from the ½ Ducaton dies. Regardless, this is a rare opportunity for the coin to remain in private hands.

Some of the standout lots for the Spanish section of this sale include a number of extremely rare and high grade Segovia Mint coins including: a very rare Segovia Mint 8 Escudos dated 1637/6 and a startlingly beautiful 1611 Segovia 4 Escudos. If you are looking for a nice Double Excelente, this sale offers a long run of them, with many mints represented. There is a rare Zaragoza Double Ducato and a medieval Ducado of Navarra, plus some early Valencia pieces, including a rare ½ Ducado of Ferran II.


The Portuguese gold includes a nice run of 4 Cruzados, plus two extremely rare Double Cruzados of Felipe II and Felipe III which will bring big prices. But some of the best selection of both moderate price and high end gold comes in the large section of this sale devoted to areas of the Spanish Netherlands. Here you will find coins from Artois, Brabant, Flanders, Holland, Zeeland and Overijssel, Utrecht and Tournai. Many of the gold coins from this section of the Caballero de las Yndias Europa sale are not often seen offered for sale and most of these coins have good eye appeal and are high grades for the type. Given this, there are solid opportunities for the serious numismatist to advance, upgrade and expand their collection.

spain neth 8.jpg

How often do you think you will have the chance to buy both the 1697 Antwerp 4 Souverain D’Or and the1698 Antwerp 8 Souverain D’Or in the same sale? After all the 4 Souverain D’Or is extremely rare and it is believed that only 23 of the 8 Souverain D’Or’s were ever struck!