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Elton John Medallion Up for Charity Auction

Elton John medallion. Image courtesy of the Royal Mint

Elton John medallion. Image courtesy of the Royal Mint

Music lovers and numismatic collectors have once again come together for a new collaboration. The Royal Mint has announced the beginning of another partnership with Elton John, famous British musician and singer, to create a beautiful special edition medallion. The Mint first collaborated with Elton John to release a coin as a part of the Music Legends Collection. The Music Legends Collection includes special edition coins in honor of some of the most iconic stars that have originated in Great Britain. So far, the collection includes Queen, Elton John, and David Bowie.

This new medallion will be auctioned off as an extension of Elton John’s coins for a charity auction. Proceeds will be given to Elton John’s UK Charitable Foundation. The foundation is an organization that raises money and donates to various causes around the UK.

The design features a replica of the reverse of the Elton John 2020 UK Coin on the obverse, including his iconic music note sunglasses and straw boater’s hat. Designer Bradly Morgan Johnson used these well-known symbols to create a design that would be unmistakably John, without creating an actual likeness to the singer, as tradition doesn’t allow any living individual other than the Royal Family to be on any coinage. The reverse of the medallion sports the names of some of Elton John’s most well-known songs, including Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer, and Your Song circling from the outside into the center, surrounding the singer’s signature. The medallion is made from .999 Fine Silver with selective Gold plating and weighs about 5 kilos, measuring 185mm in diameter. The edge also includes the inscription “Elton John’s UK Charitable Foundation.”

The online auction began April 21 and will be open for bidding through May 6, with the bidding starting at £12,000. For more information, visit the Royal Mint’s website at