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Cromwell patterns dazzle in New York


Cromwell patterns from the Michael Druck Collection will be among the highlights of the Stack’s Bowers Galleries NYINC auction.

World coins, world paper money and ancient coins will be auctioned Jan. 12-14 by Stack’s Bowers Galleries at the Waldorf Astoria during the New York International Numismatic Convention.

According to the firm, British coinage is incredible, with particular emphasis on the Michael Druck Collection and its grouping of Oliver Cromwell pattern coinage. The Michael Druck Collection also offers a fantastic Mint State half pound of Elizabeth I, that is sure to fetch a premium bid.

The Cromwell pattern coinage is sure to dazzle, the firm said. It features three pattern half broads struck in gold along with a broad, half broad and sixpence struck in silver.

Each of the above (save the sixpence) represents the sole certified example.

Among the ancients, the first of many incredible pieces is an Akragas tetradrachm. Featuring two massive sea eagles and the fearsome Scylla, this ancient coin is sure to see spirited bidding, the firm said.

The next lot is also an amazing piece of classical artistry, a Catane tetradrachm with the signature of the engraver Heracleidas.

Following these highlights will be a run of Syracusan tetradrachms, with the majority from the Michael L. Fogarty Collection.

Collectors of ancient Judaea will see the incredible Bar Kochba Zuz struck over a Vespasian “Judaea Capta” denarius.

Among Roman Empire coins is a gold aureus of Domitian featuring a defeated Germanicus reverse design, along with a run of issues from the “Judaea Capta” series.

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