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Colorized snowman on coin from UK

 (Image courtesy British Royal Mint)

(Image courtesy British Royal Mint)

In 1978, English author Raymond Briggs published his children’s picture book “The Snowman™”. This story of a boy’s snowman that came to life was told through pictures and proved an instant hit.

Five years later, the storyline was adapted into a 26-minute animated television special. Both book and film have become timeless classics that today are very much part of the festive season.

To mark the 40th anniversary of the book’s publication, Britain’s Royal Mint produced a UK first: a full color 8.00 g, .925 fine silver proof 50p. On the reverse, designer Natasha Radcliffe depicts The Snowman flying over Brighton pier with the city lights bright below and the stars twinkling above. Mintage is 15,000.

The 27.30 mm coin is also available as a gold proof and BU cupronickel version. Mintages are 400 and unlimited quantity, respectively.

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