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Coin Necklaces are the New Fashion

Recently, on my trip to Florida, I stopped by a souvenir gift shop to peruse the souvenirs and see what I could purchase as gifts for others.


I happened upon a jewelry counter selling multiple kinds of jewelry, and among the selection, was a trove of treasure coin necklaces. I instantly thought of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, in which the main character Elizabeth Swann wears a coin necklace from a pirate treasure.

Though that movie came out in 2003, I have just now happened to see coin necklaces surface in department stores and the like. The coins at this shop, in particular, claimed the coins to be authentic and the price tags certainly reflected that.

On another rack, there were replicas of certain coins such as Mercury dimes and Morgan dollars with silver or gold chains for necklace wearing.

I had to ask myself, could this make coins popular again? Could this make them appeal more to the younger audience? They had a section where you could see certain treasure coins relating to each country. I myself was tempted to buy the France coin (since I couldn't afford an authentic treasure coin) but held back since I was there to buy for others, not myself.

I have to add that the coin itself was not struck through with a hole, but rather in an encasement with a hole at the top so that the coin itself is not damaged.

What do you numismatists think? You can leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.