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Check Your Pocket Change During the Great American Coin Hunt

In an effort to create excitement in coin collecting, hundreds of rare coin dealers across the country are participating in the “Great American Coin Hunt” (, just one of the activities planned during the 96th annual National Coin Week (, running April 21-27, 2019. During this time, dealers will be putting collectible coins – some nearly a century old – into circulation for lucky collectors to find. According to the group’s Facebook page,, the plan is to drop over one million vintage and collectible coins back into circulation.

Great American Coin Hunt - Find treasures in your pocket change.

Treasure hunters will be looking for old buffalo nickels, silver mercury dimes, Ike dollars, silver certificates and more in their pocket change. Many coins from the 1800s will spec spent as regular money, so cashiers may want to keep a watchful eye as well! Others dealers and collectors have stated they will simply be dropping coins in high traffic areas like airports, gas stations, shopping centers, train stations, and town squares.

The idea was conceived between just a few coin collectors and quickly went viral and has caught the eye of tens of thousands of collectors nationwide. It’s also part of an ongoing initiative to spark interest in the numismatic hobby and bring in a new demographic. This is the first time an event like this has generated such national media interest. Just do an internet search for “Great American Coin Hunt” and you’ll see! It’s being called the biggest coin drop in American history.

“In many cases, this is going to be the first time in over one hundred years that some of these coins will be brought back to their glory and used for their originally intended purposes. I hope that we can inspire children into studying the art, science, history, and economics that make coin collecting so much fun,” says Rob Oberth, organizer of the Great American Coin Hunt.

The organizers will also be releasing 250 specially marked holographic medallions. If these medallions are found, treasure hunters will be able to redeem them for actual numismatic rarities at participating coin shops across the US. Additionally, five “Golden Tickets” will be distributed. When these specially marked medallions are found, the lucky treasure hunters can redeem them for truly rare coins valued up to $1,000 each by contacting!

Those looking for more information or to track the progress of this fun program are encouraged to use and search the hashtag #GreatAmericanCoinHunt on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.