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Cent production up

The Mint ramped up cent production in September after a bit of a lull in August.


The 891.6 million coins comprised 56.7 percent of monthly output, returning to the average level of 2016.

In August, cents comprised just 52 percent of total output for the month.

For all denominations taken together, Denver gunned its total output to 813.58 million coins in September, an increase of over 47 percent from its August figure.

On the other hand, Philadelphia cruised along steadily. September output of 760.12 million coins was up by just over one percent.

For the year, coin output in Philadelphia is ahead of that in Denver. The former has produced over 6.7 billion coins so far in 2016 while Denver stands at 6.3 billion coins.

In the first nine months of the year, the two facilities together crossed the 13 billion mark. The Mint is on pace to produce 17.4 billion coins for circulation in the calendar year.

No half dollars, Presidential dollars or Native American dollars were produced in the month. The Mint calls the latter coins Golden Dollars on its reports.


This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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