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CCAC Recommends Congressional Gold Medal Design Honoring Chinese-American Vets

Chinese-American veterans of World War II will be recognized with a congressional gold medal, according to the authorizing legislation, Public Law 115-337.According to this legislation, “Chinese Americans served in the United States in every conflict since the Civil War and distinguished themselves in World War II, serving in every theater of war and every branch of service, earning citations for their heroism and honorable service, including the Medal of Honor.”The act also indicates that as many as 20,000 Chinese-Americana served in the Armed Forces during World War II.

chinese american vets

At a public meeting held at the United States Mint in Washington, DC, on September 18, the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee reviewed and discussed the candidate designs for the Congressional Gold Medal honoring the Chinese-American Veterans of World War II.

While several designs were presented and discussed, the CCAC recommends an obverse that depicts several Chinese-American servicemen and a nurse, which represents all U.S. service branches in World War II, highlighting that they fought in every theater with honor.

The CCAC’s recommended reverse design features an Iowa class battleship, an M4 Sherman tank and a P-40 Warhawk from the Flying Tigers, showcased in front of a World War II-era American Flag.

There will be a formal presentation of the finished gold medal by the congressional leadership.Following that, the medal will be delivered to the Smithsonian Institution where it will be on display for the public and made available for research.

The act also states, “Under regulations that the Secretary may promulgate, the Secretary may strike and sell duplicates in bronze of the gold medal struck under this Act, at a price sufficient to cover the cost of the medals, including labor, materials, dies, use of machinery, and overhead expenses.” While the Mint’s site does not currently indicate information about the bronze versions, they generally produce 1.5-inch and 3-inch bronze versions of the gold medal.

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