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Buffaloes and collector American Eagles coming

Monday morning e-mails are always an interesting read. Weekends give people the time and opportunity to do a little thinking about their hobby and to ask questions about its future.

One e-mail to me basically said, OK, the Mint has stopped rationing the supply of bullion gold and silver American Eagles. Where are the proofs?

It is a logical question. It would be nice to be able to point to a specific date, but since I have not learned of one just yet from the Mint, I have to fall back on the later this year story line.

Bullion one-ounce Buffalo coins and the proof collector versions are in the works, but these too are some time later this year. I would assume the bullion coin comes first in the order of Mint priority as has been the case with the American Eagles.

The Mint must be getting even more inquiries than I do about its plans because I notice on its home page this morning that they have posted a notice that they are working on the bullion Buffalo coin and it will be released as soon as possible. The urgency is perhaps underlined by the statement that the annual program is required by law.

So like all of us who might have had their hands slapped when we try to sample food before it is put on the table, the collector hunger is there and it is waiting to be satisfied.