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British Virgin Islands decry ‘fakes’


Government of the British Virgin Islands says supposed BVI coins featuring the Sibir Hockey Club in Russia are not theirs. (Images courtesy Government of the British Virgin Islands.)

The Government of the British Virgin Islands has issued a warning to the public in general and coin collectors in particular that some BVI coins being offered for sale are in fact not authorized by the government, nor are they copies of authorized issues.

This puts them in the realm of fantasy pieces. They are fakes insofar as they purport to be a legal tender issue of a recognized government, but they do not use officially authorized designs.

A statement on the BVI government website says this about the fantasy pieces: “The coins are being sold from the website and feature animals from Novosibirsk Zoo and Sibir Hockey Club in Russia. The coins are also being sold by two dealers on eBay.”

Those seen are denominated as one dollar, and are variously dated 2014, 2015 and 2016.

None of these purported coins has been approved by the government of the British Virgin Islands, by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, nor Queen Elizabeth II.

The BVI government is taking immediate action to investigate the offenders and those involved in the distribution of these items as well as alerting any potential purchasers.


Reverses of what the government calls fraudulent British Virgin Islands coins featuring animals from Novosibirsk Zoo. (Images courtesy Government of the British Virgin Islands.)

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