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Bargain hunters move in before prices rise

The spot price of gold, silver and platinum are showing no signs of life. On the other end of the financial spectrum, equities continue to appreciate primarily due to the so-called Trump rally.


What this means is that generic or common date, common condition yet collectible pieces as well as all bullion-related coins remain in the doldrums Demand for these generics is strong as bargain hunters look to take advantage of current price levels. The challenge, not only for the buyers, but for those interesting in selling to them, is to find sufficient coins to satisfy this demand. Normally this surge in demand would push prices up, but considering the money to be made in the stock market at the moment there is little inclination of those holding generic and bullion coins to take a loss and sell them right now. Even among the primarily generic Presidential spousal gold coins only the lower mintage pieces are holding their values. An interesting footnote – the U.S. Mint has reduced its prices for new issues still in stock.

Minor denomination collectible coins that are not composed of precious metals have not seen any recent appreciation, but their values remain solid. Older U.S. Mint products once again are stagnant.

The coin market is down, but far from being out. Much of the market’s short-term future may rest on the continuing exuberance in the stock market Trump rally. Do not lose perspective of what matters most – coin collecting is exactly that, it is collecting first, then investing as a sideline, not a goal. Coin investors may be cautious right now. Collectors should remain bullish.

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