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April coin production nearly doubles March

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

We’ve rounded up the latest U.S. Mint production totals for circulating coins and see that the mint has dramatically increased its output from the previous three months of 2019.

Total coins produced in April tops off at 2,047,560,000. April is the first time this year that more than two billion coins were produced in a single month. In fact, 35% of all circulating coins produced this year were struck in April.

Production at the Philadelphia Mint reports in at 681,560,000, which is an increase from March, but about par with February and just over 13% lower than January.

The Denver Mint was busy, with 1,366,000,000 total coins produced. The lion’s share of this is attributed to the fact that the Denver Mint put out 882,000,000 quarters in April, a dramatic increase from 92,800,800 in March, 88,600,000 in February and 100,400,000 in January.

Cents increased 150,400,000 from March, while nickel production was down just 2,440,000. Dime production increased 11,500,000, coming in at 221,000,000 for the month.

Compared to 2018, April production is up 133% with the Denver Mint up 209% and Philadelphia 56%. Total production through April was at 4,449,714,000 in 2018 with 2019 totals ringing in at 5,865,860,000, representing a 32% increase overall. Denver has definitely been busy, increasing its output from 2018 year-to-date by 55%.

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