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Apollo half dollar set sleeve misprinted

The United States Mint says there is a clerical error in the packaging for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Half Dollar Set.


The Mint statement said the back of the outer sleeve lists Gilroy Roberts as the designer/engraver for both the obverse and reverse of the Kennedy half dollar. Roberts designed/engraved the obverse and Frank Gasparro designed/engraved the reverse.

Approximately 70,000 units were shipped to buyers before the error was discovered. Plans to reprint sleeves with the correct information are under way. Instructions for ordering corrected sleeves will be made available at a later date.

The Mint expects a delay in the shipping of remaining half dollar set orders. Those orders will begin shipping as soon as the corrected packaging is on hand.

A collector telephoned Numismatic News to report he had received his Apollo 11 50th Anniversary 2019 Proof Half Dollar Sets. He had ordered two.

He said the 2019-S Kennedy half dollars were not reverse proofs. He said the Kennedy profile was not mirror-like but satin finish. That is not what he was expecting.

The Mint calls these Kennedy coins enhanced reverse proof. It is a new term. A new term implies a different look from a reverse proof. All the Kennedy coins in the two-coin sets might look this way. Look at your own sets. Is the Kennedy profile mirror-like or satin finish? If you see satin also, that probably means all Kennedy coins in the sets look like this.

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