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An Uncommon Opportunity for the CAR Enthusiast

CAR Provisional 2 Reales 1825

The Central American Republic was a federation of countries--Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica – that issued coins together and existed from 1821 until 1841, after which its states declared independence. These pieces offer one of the most iconic and popular world and ancient coin designs: an anthropomorphic sun with a face, rising over the mountains on one side and the Ceiba Tree on the reverse.

It is rare to have more than a handful of Central American Republic coins in the same auction. A lovely group of more than 100 of these coins together is virtually unheard of. Heritage will be offering the fascinating CAR Collection of Central American Republic coinage as a special monthly auction, Sale 61230. These coins were put together with care by a collector who loved studying these pieces by die variety. He assembled many of the different dates, mints, and denominations in gold and silver.

CAR gold 8 Escudos 1828

A total of 121 lots will be on offer:

These coins are very popular with type collectors, who just want to own a few nice pieces of these designs. They are also collected by date and country and are growing in popularity. Expect lots of bidding when these coins cross the auction block.