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2021 Capped by Heritage HKINF Auction Dec. 11-13

The riotous market in China continues in December with another rarity-packed auction presented by Heritage in Hong Kong. This HKINF World Coin Signature Auction will offer over 1,000 lots of ancient through modern coinage, with a concentration of over 650 coins of China.

NGC graded PR63 and tying back to the Champion Coin Auction of June 2008, this Long-Whiskered Dragon Dollar pattern, Year 3 (1911) is a gem which is already bid to $250,000 four weeks before closing.

NGC graded PR63 and tying back to the Champion Coin Auction of June 2008, this Long-Whiskered Dragon Dollar pattern, Year 3 (1911) is a gem which is already bid to $250,000 four weeks before closing.

We also note that this sale presents over sixty numismatic lots of both Hong Kong and Japan, so collectors will have a great variety of items from which to choose. Among the highlights are a Long Whiskered Dragon Dollar pattern which is already getting a lot of views, a super high grade MS67+ Yuan Shih-kai Dollar of Year 9 (1920) and a KM-Y318.1 variety Memento Dollar ND (1927) in MS63 which has over 900 views already.

Several of the featured lots in this sale are 21st century issued gold coins of the People’s Republic of China. Included are some large gold pieces of five ounce, kilo and even a ten kilo type. Many are in the Zodiac series of PRC coinage, but you’ll see a few Panda coins and general commemoratives as well. Values on these large gold coins are of course huge, but they may not present the biggest hammer prices of the sale.

A rare Mukden Tiger silver patter Dollar of Chang Tso-lin will be up for sale at the Heritage HKINF. This example is graded MS62 by NGC and remains an extremely difficult piece to obtain, with only a handful having been certified. This pattern’s history is fascinating and you can read more about that in the June issue of World Coin News on page 38, where we covered the $2.28 million record sale of a specimen-64 example. Expect this this MS62 to be treated to a similar bidding frenzy.

Also of major interest in this auction is the appearance of a Kweichow Bamboo Dollar Year 38 (1949) KM-Y433, the round pavilion window variety. Any Kweichow Dollar is exciting to see, but the Bamboo type is much more difficult to obtain in nice condition than is the Auto Dollar of Year 17(1928). These two are the only dollars of Kweichow. The Pavilion Dollar is known in two varieties, featuring round or square window at the top of the pavilion. Values on the Pavilion Dollar have risen markedly and available higher grade pieces now present a real battle ground for bidders. The Heritage example has been viewed online over 2,000 as of this writing so be prepared for a slugfest before the hammer falls on this one.


There are a number of exciting coins in the world offerings in the Heritage HKINF sale as well. In particular is a pair of British types on which we should shine the light.

First is a gorgeous Gothic Crown of Victoria. This 1847 beauty was graded PR64 by PCGS and it brings with that a lovely filed of toning and the best eye appeal one could hope for. With six bids already registered as of this writing and more than a hundred people tracking this coin on the heritage website, it should reach comfortable into the mid-five figures by closing.

Second is a very high grade Trade Dollar struck under Edward VII in 1907 at the then Bombay Mint. This piece is being tracked by over 80 potential bidders and has four early bids in place already. It is graded MS66 by NGC and offers exceptional eye appeal and strike quality for the type. This is a widely collected and very popular series and even though this is a common date, the grade and appearance of this example mark it for special appreciation.

To view the Heritage HKINF auction and other offerings online visit their website at You’d do well to secure your account and be ready for bidding early, so as not to miss the coins you find most attractive. Enjoy your collecting!