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Standish Resigns from NGC

Michael “Miles” Standish

Michael “Miles” Standish

Michael “Miles” Standish, senior vice president of Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC), has submitted his resignation, according to an announcement released Nov. 3. The resignation was called “amicable” in the news release.

“It’s been an excellent six years at NGC, but I want to take time now to write another book and create some new chapters of my own life,” said Standish, a resident of the Austin, Texas, area.

He joined NGC as a coin grader and vice president in 2015 after previous roles as an executive at ANACS, Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

Standish is credited with spearheading and expanding the popular concept of autographs on encapsulation inserts with artists, engravers, former Mint directors, celebrities and star athletes signing inserts for certified coins and trading cards.

“In the past 37 years, I estimate I’ve examined, authenticated and graded over 10 million coins, cards, and sports memorabilia items,” said Standish.

In 1997, a photo of Standish wearing white cotton gloves while examining the Eliasberg 1804 Flowing Hair silver dollar appeared on the front page of the Orange County Register newspaper in California. In 1998, news media in St. Louis photographed him again wearing white gloves as he certified Mark McGwire’s record-setting 70th home run baseball.

Standish is the author of the reference book, Morgan Dollar: America’s Love Affair with a Legendary Coin, which won the Best Specialized Book Award from the Numismatic Literary Guild in 2015. In 2012, he co-authored with former United States Mint Chief Engraver John Mercanti another best-selling book, American Silver Eagles: A Guide to the U.S. Bullion Coin Program.

In 2011, Standish was honored by United States Mint Director Edmund Moy with the Director’s Medal of Excellence. He also has created design concepts for more than 20 different numismatic and legal tender coins issued on behalf of the Cook Islands.

Over the years, he also worked for well-known dealers Michael G. DeFalco, Wayne Miller and Steven L. Contursi.

In 2021 Standish was named one of the Top 10 Most Influential Persons 1960-2020 by Coin World magazine.

“The key to my success has been focus, determination and never giving up or quitting on the goals I set out to accomplish,” Standish stated.