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Silver Continues Upward Climb

In a trend continuing from last week, we are again singing the song of silver as it continues its upward climb at the time of this writing.

Up from second place a week ago, the best-seller this week was the 2020-W uncirculated silver American Eagle. As the spotlight on silver brightened, the unc. silver Eagle’s increase of 8,794 beats the previous week-over-week increase of 7,381.

Moving from first to second place this week is the 2020-W proof silver American Eagle. Its latest jump of 7,541 to a total of 324,236, while not beating last week’s increase, shows that interest in silver is strong.

While the 2020 10-coin clad proof set with “W” nickel takes the number three spot this week, silver proof sets from 2020 and 2019 claim fourth and fifth places, respectively.

The 2020 10-coin silver proof set with “W” nickel climbed 4,604 to an overall total of 249,552, while the 2019 10-coin silver proof set made a more modest increase of 2,152 this week to bring its overall total to 407,497.

Not far behind is the 2019 Frank Church 5-ounce silver coin with an overall total of 16,419.

U.S. Mint cumulative sales figures