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Numismatic News: 70 Years in the Making

The debut issue of Numismatic News, created 70 years ago on founder Chet Krause's dining room table, is dated Oct. 13, 1952.

The debut issue of Numismatic News, created 70 years ago on founder Chet Krause's dining room table, is dated Oct. 13, 1952.

Welcome to this special week of celebrating the 70th anniversary of Numismatic News! Shown above is the debut issue of the magazine, datelined October 13, 1952, in its entirety. In an introductory message to readers aptly headlined, “Hello,” founder Chet Krause wrote from the dining room table of his family home in rural Iola, Wis., “Far away from the coin clubs, far away from coin shops, live thousands of collectors who rarely see another person whose interests are in harmony with his.”

He continues, “It will be through the columns of this paper that all collectors will have an opportunity to trade and correspond with one another from coast to coast.”

His sign-off includes the following: “So without further ado, I will introduce myself as a fellow collector and publisher of the Numismatic News. I am Chester L. Krause.”

And so Numismatic News was born. A single page, written by a man who included himself among the collectors for whom he was creating it.

There is so much one could say about this magazine – how it has evolved and how much valuable collecting content it has provided its readers – but at the heart of it, Numismatic News was created for the collector by a collector. Chet Krause’s original vision has been the guiding force throughout the publication’s seven decades of existence.

Many things have changed in the coin hobby and publishing landscapes over the years: the way we deliver content to the reader, the use of technology, ways of collecting. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that the collector remains at the center of it all.

Numismatic News has always valued and served collectors’ passion for the hobby, their appetite for news, history, and collecting tips and, most importantly, their need for connection. We recently asked readers to share their stories of getting started in coin collecting, and it was striking how many responses focused on the who rather than the what. Who got them interested, who they’ve met along the way. Yes, coins are the objects we collect, but it is the relationships and shared experiences that breathe life into our hobby.

We at Numismatic News are honored for the role we have played in fostering those connections through letters to the editor, weekly poll questions, social media platforms and more. We are proud to bring together people whose “interests are in harmony.”

Finally, none of these 70 years would have been possible without our readers. Thank you, on behalf of our staff present and past, for contributing to the vitality of this magazine and for sharing your passion with us. It’s all for you.

Now I invite you to take a step back in time this week as we post throwback content and reflections from the magazine's mainstays.

To 70 more years,

Maggie Pahl, Editorial Director