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Heritage to Award $10,000 Prize to Survey Participant

Auction firm announces an opportunity for enthusiasts to win $10,000 to spend with them.

One lucky winner will receive $10,000 to spend with Heritage Auctions for submitting their feedback, the firm announced Jan. 7 when it sent out its 26th annual survey to members in an effort to improve their services.

Along with the $10,000 grand prize, Heritage will also be issuing a few other prizes: first prize will be granted to five winners.

“On any single consignment that exceeds $10,000 in value, Heritage will add $1,000 to the final settlement amount you receive,” according to the email.

Second prize includes an opportunity to have the participant’s collection reviewed, and up to 30 coins or notes certified by PCGS or NGC at Heritage’s expense. This will be given to 20 winners. Lastly, all respondents to the survey will receive a coupon to auction a single item valued over $1,000 free of seller’s fees in an upcoming auction.

To have a chance to win, participants must complete their survey by March 15, 2021. Only one entry per person is eligible for the drawing, and the winner will be announced on the Heritage website. For complete details, visit