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Have you seen any 2011 coins in your change yet?

This week, editor, Dave Harper, asks readers if they've yet seen 2011 dated coins in their change.
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This article was originally printed in Numismatic News.
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Yes, everything but Presidential dollars. More Shield reverse cents than I care to see, a couple quarters, nickels, dimes. Not in very good grades, but at least they are out in circulation.
Michael P. Schmeyer
Spencer N.Y.


I received 2011-D cents in change at Tucson, Ariz., on Feb. 10. I was at the gem show.
Mark Perkins
El Paso, Texas

Yes, I have found the cent, nickel and dime. No quarters yet.
Mary Fantauzzo 
Albany, N.Y.

I live in Glen Rock, Pa., but work in Timonium, Md. I haven’t seen many but have received a few of the 2011 dated cents. We only get Philly mint coins here.
David Burk 
Glen Rock, Pa.

When paying for breakfast at my favorite restaurant this past week I received two 2011 Gettysburg quarters back in change. My first thought was that they were 2010 ATB coins which, now quite easily found in change, did not cause me to look closely at these coins. Wanting to purchase a newspaper at the box outside the restaurant I reached into my pocket for quarters and then discovered that my change from breakfast contained these two 2011 quarters.
Robert McKenna
Belleville, Mich.

I have seen them. The pennies from behind look like toy money.
J. Dennis 
Piscataway, N.J.

No, I have not seen any 2011 coins in change. I still have not seen any 2009 pennies in change, but I get lots of 2010 pennies. When I was in Ecuador last year, I got lots of 2009 nickels and dimes in excellent shape, almost BU. However, I have not gotten any 2009 nickels and dimes here in the USA! Go figure! I guess it is because Ecuador uses American coins, Sacs and currency down there. I guess they got shipments of 2009 coins right off the bat from the Mint and big USA banks to help them out.
Jerrell J. Daigle
Tallahassee, Fla.

Yes, I have received quite a few of the new Shield cents from merchants in the past several weeks.
Dan Broucek
Pittsburgh, Pa.

I have not seen any of the 2011 coins yet in circulation.
John Cass
Sacramento, Calif.

I’ve received several 2011 pennies.
Matt Remington 
Fort Worth, Texas

I have not seen any 2011 dated coins as yet.
Bryan Willis
Los Lunas. N.M.

I have received several new 2011 cents in change at a grocery store and at Dunkin’ Donuts. Hope this helps.
Stan Rosenstein
Baltimore, Md.

Haven’t seen a single 2011 coin in the Jacksonville area.
Bill Rodriguez
Jacksonville, Fla.

I have seen no 2011 coins in circulation yet. Seems to be absolutely ridiculous to me. At six or seven weeks into the year, we should certainly be seeing the new coins. I inquired at a dealer, intending to buy a set, and he told me that he doesn’t expect to have them until April. He said that he had been looking for a source. All he could find was one who would sell one cent rolls to him for $2.50 each. Again, ridiculous.
Ron Carlson
Mt. Prospect, Ill.

As of today I have yet to receive or know of any one that has received any new coins of any value with the date 2011. I belong to two local coin collectors clubs.
Bob Glowacki
Wilkes Barre, Pa.

The 2011 pennies have been circulating here. I have gotten several in change and the bank had rolls. However, I have seen very few of the 2010 cents.
Tom J. Caldwell 
Drumright, Okla.

So far the only 2011 coins found in change are the cent. Here in central California we have seen many 2011 cents but nothing else. I think the reason we’ve seen so many cents is that we are surrounded by many Indian casinos and they seem to have brought in many penny machines. Because the economy is so bad I think they are concentrating on the lower coin machines just to keep the public coming in. Also a factor is that many of the banks are not ordering more change from the Feds. Again, the poor economy has caused many to open their change jars and piggybanks just to stay afloat. Until the economy shows greater signs of improvement I don’t think we will see many current or later year coins in circulation.
John T. Tinney

The answer is no! The only 2011 coins I seen is the sets I bought from the Mint.
Carl Scammahorn 
Kansas City Kan.

I have seen a 2011 cent in circulation, but none of the higher denominations yet. Still haven’t seen any of the 2010 or 2011 America the Beautiful quarters in these parts either!
Nathan Edington
Myersville, Md.

No, no, no. I have not seen any. Little collectors get short again.
John Frey

Received my first 2011 cent on Jan. 22. Since then, I have collected approximately 18 more.
The 7-11s are the best places, here in the Woodbridge area, to find the cents.
Leroy Claiborne
Woodbridge, Va.

No, I have not seen any 2011 coinage in my change in Houston as of Feb. 22.
Garry Kramchak 
Houston, Texas

Thank you for NN, it keeps me connected to my hobby and lets me peer into the thoughts of other members using Viewpoint, Letters and polling.
As of today the only new coinage I have received is about 18-20 2010-P Shield cents, and that is since the state quarter program stopped in 2009. I agree with the people who wonder how the TV (HSN) salesmen in December got 210 graded sets of the ATB bullion coins, and also how is it that the day an item goes on sale at the Mint the next day they have graded coins ready to ship.
Something just doesn’t sit right, and I can understand why so many people are getting a little disgusted with the whole coin collector thing. But I remember that I don’t collect for the TV shows or for big shiny items beyond my price range but for me and the enjoyment I get from it.
I have a wish list just like the one that I believe every collector has. Sit back and dream for a couple minutes, select that item and put it in your online basket like you’re going to buy it and then just exit from the website, and think about all the great things you have. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent and have a great month.
James Bonney
Glassboro, N.J.

I’ve found a number of them in my pocket change.
Frank Morrison

I have not seen 2011 coins in change.
Angel Feliberty 
Puerto Rico

Are you kidding? I just received my mint sets.
Robert E. Greenwood Jr.

No, I have not seen 2011 penny yet. I purchase the proof.
James Wolfe

I have several Shield pennies in the latter part of 2010 and in the early 2011.
William R. Downing
Lakeside, Ore.

Lots of Philadelphia cents and a very few Denver Shield cents found here.
Ben Delehoy 
Findlay, Ohio

I am pretty sure that I saw one cent coin in my change recently.
Randall Gibbs
Houston, Texas

Have not seen any 2011 coins in circulation. I also have yet to see any 2010 America the Beautiful quarters.
Wallace Phillips
Cincinnati, Ohio

I haven’t seen any 2011 coins yet. I haven’t even seen any 2009 5 or 10 cents coins yet. The 2010 cents are common though. I look through thousands of Lincolns every week gleaning the copper out of them. I still find the odd Wheat ear and about seven rolls of copper in $25 boxes.
Tom Watson
Colton N.Y.

I responded to your last request for information on the Shield cents well since then I’ve picked up five more rolls of “P” cents at local banks.
Rich Buzzeo 
Forked River N.J.

Because the banks refuse to order anything new anymore, no, I have not seen the 2011 dated coins in my change yet, nor do I expect to see it soon as well. I saw them in the high priced U.S. Mint sets, also for a very high premium, because the banks don’t order them. When the banks order their coinage, they tell the company they want to buy so many cents, nickels, dimes and quarters in bags and or rolls. They refuse to demand the year of 2011, let’s say, and all they get is older used coinage. They could order the new coinage for us collector’s, but they are not allowed to make a profit off of them, so why bother is their attitude. They get lazy, don’t want the extra work, and the hobby then goes down the drain, from where it use to be for the family and kid’s. What does Congress say about that?. Oh, I forgot, they can give a “rats-behind” about being for the family and kid’s, just “Big Business” only, that’s called money, greed, corruption, above the law, (ignore us common people unless they need your votes). Career politician’s who will take money from any special interest and say or do anything to keep his hold on power. It’s secret government by the insiders, for the insiders only today. How many other’s agree with me here?
Chuck Schroeder
St. Petersburg, Fla.

I have gotten the 2011 pennies at Wal-mart in Rosedale, Md. Also got two rolls of 2011 pennies at Food Lion in Essex, Md., from a friend.
Chuck Linkowich
Essex, Md.

Yes, I got some today in my change. “P” mint and one cent.
J. Bellino 
North Arlington, N.J.

I have received the 2011 dated penny from the local coffee shop.
Like all modern US coins, it is bland and not an once of thought was put into it. I’d rather see the wheat being recycled than this ugly Shield.
Phi Nguyen
Shorewood, Ill.

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