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Former U.S. Treasurer signs slabbed coins

Grading labels on Numismatic Guaranty Corporation slabs will now be autographed by Anna Escobedo Cabral, who served as the 42nd Treasurer of the United States.


Holders of the office have the honor of seeing their signatures on America’s paper money.

With these slabs, Cabral will associate her signature with coins struck during her 2005-2009 tenure.

The treasurer, who should not be confused with the secretary of the Treasury, has oversight responsibility for the United States Mint.

NGC said initiatives undertaken by the Mint during Cabral’s tenure were:

• The American gold Buffalo (starting in 2006)
• The American silver and gold Eagle 20th Anniversary Sets (in 2006), which include the first reverse proof U.S. coins
• The Presidential dollar coin series (starting in 2007)
• The First Spouse gold $10 series (starting in 2007)
• Many other commemorative, bullion, and circulation issues

The pairing of a coin from Cabral’s time as treasurer and an NGC label with her authentic autograph creates a unique collectible, according to the grading service.

Her signature, along with the Treasury secretary’s, appeared on Federal Reserve Notes of series 2003A, 2004A, 2006, and 2006A.

Paper Money Guaranty, an affiliate of NGC, recently launched its own Authentic Hand-Signed Label program with Cabral.

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