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Centennial Collection highlights Kagin’s sale

 1839 No Drapery Seated Liberty half dollar (Images courtesy Kagin’s Auctions)

1839 No Drapery Seated Liberty half dollar (Images courtesy Kagin’s Auctions)

Nearly 300 lots of U.S. copper, silver, and gold coins from the decades-old Centennial Collection are part of the Kagin’s Auctions ANA National Money Show sale, session one, set for Thursday, Mar. 28, at the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“When these coins came into our office in old craft 2x2 envelopes, we were reminded that this was the standard way that ‘raw’ coins were kept until the advent of independent ‘slabbing’ of coins in the mid-1980s,” said Don Kagin, president of the firm. “Each coin was collected over decades because of its aesthetic beauty. It’s a pleasant surprise to still acquire such fresh, original coins these days.”

Kagin noted that the coins were immediately sent to PCGS to be graded as requested by the consignor and have been integrated with a few hundred other lots of Colonial, Federal copper, silver, gold, and commemorative coins in the regular first session at 6 p.m. and in the online only session ending Monday, Apr. 1, at 6 p.m. PST.

Additional consignments include U.S. tokens and medals, patterns, and Pioneer / California / Gold Rush tokens.

Session two on Friday, Mar. 29, at 5 p.m. offers almost 140 lots of world currency, followed by session three containing Colonial, Federal Currency, errors, encased postage stamps, Fractional currency, and several hundred National Bank Notes.

Register at or obtain a free catalog from The firm may be reached by phone at 888-852-4467.

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