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APMEX Launches Bullion Card

Image courtesy APMEX.

Image courtesy APMEX.

Precious metals retailer APMEX has launched what it calls The Bullion Card, “the first-ever credit card to earn points as precious metals,” it announced Sept. 6.

Precious metals have a universal reputation as a hedge against inflation and financial crisis. The Bullion Card allows cardholders to invest in precious metals as they spend. APMEX is rolling out the card in limited quantities: once the initial round of cards is claimed, the second batch won’t be available until later this year, it says.

When cardholders shop, each transaction earns points that can be redeemed for gold and silver. Cardholders choose whether to redeem their points to purchase physical metal or to purchase vaulted metal.

The Bullion Card has an introductory 4 percent back in precious metals when purchasing from APMEX or OneGold, an online investment platform allowing users to buy, sell, trade and own vaulted metal. When utilizing the OneGold option, members can auto-invest their 4 percent to immediately start earning interest.

“We want to simplify how people strategically invest, especially right now,” said Ken Lewis, CEO of APMEX and OneGold. “The Bullion Card was created to help people bolster their portfolios without a single thought.”

The Bullion Card has no annual fee. As an introductory offer, cardholders will receive 15,000 bonus points ($150 value) after spending $1,500, as well as 0 percent purchase and balance transfer APR for 12 months. To learn more, visit